Quinoa was cultivated in Peru for more than 3,000 years, during the empire of the Incas, it became one of its main crops and the staple of the diet of its inhabitants.

Peru is currently the world’s leading producer and exporter of quinoa. This Superfood, also known as the “golden grain of the Andes”, has a composition rich in nutrients. It provides proteins, unsaturated fatty acids, minerals (calcium, iron and magnesium), vitamins (E, B1, B2 and niacin) and phosphorus. Its high content of total dietary fiber (7 grams per 100 grams of raw quinoa), produces a feeling of satiety. In addition, being a cereal, it has the property of absorbing water and staying longer in the stomach.

Now that you know the great nutritional power of quinoa, we bring you a recipe with black quinoa so that you are encouraged to prepare it, and above all to enjoy it.


  1. Cook the black quinoa with 1 cup of water for 15 minutes.
  2. Process or mince the pre-cooked broccoli, spinach and parsley very small.
  3. Process or blend the oat flakes
  4. In a large bowl, beat the 2 egg whites until stiff, then add the yolks and salt.
  5. In a bowl mix the chopped vegetables with the blended oats
  6. Add the previously cooked black quinoa, once the mixture is integrated, add the beaten eggs in an enveloping way.
  7. To the mixture add the lemon juice, finally form patties with your hands and cook over medium heat on both sides in a non-stick frying pan until well browned.

Ingredients ( 6-7 servings)

-½ cup of oat flakes

-2 teaspoons of limon juice

-½ cup of Black quinoa

-2 ½ cup of Broccoli

-3 handsful of fresh Spinach

-2 eggs

-Salt and parsley to taste

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