Super Frozen Foods

Super Frozen Foods

Our frozen line allows us to take native products from harvest to the freezing process.

We have a selection of the best products, packed and frozen with the IQF system.  

+ than 9 varieties available

Our process is carried out under a high quality standard and supervision of qualified personnel.

Naturally Healthy

We guarantee that our fruits and vegetables retain the characteristics of a fresh product, maintaining their proteins, fibers, vitamins and minerals.

Learn how to prepare our Super Frozen Foods


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Yellow potato

Origin and Characteristics:

The yellow potato is a typical food crop in the highlands of the Andes, whose quality is because it is planted in micro high (between 3,200 and 4,000 meters), to solar radiation and humidity (no more than 65% RH) where it occurs. It is prized especially for its high dry matter content, color and texture and flavor ideal for preparing baby food, purees and meals for at-risk populations such as infants and pregnant women.

This high value food has turned yellow potatoes in a high-value food crop.


– Widely used in the preparation of baby food and purees.

-Also consumed boiled with sauces, baked, wrapped in aluminum foil, or in the typical case to Lima.

Presentations & Package:


-Yellow potatoes frozen in vacuum packed x 5kg or as required

Cooked Dried potato

Origin and Characteristics:

Dried potato called the potatoes that are dehydrated when exposed to very low temperatures in the highlands of the Peruvian Andes.

Dried potato is commercialized crushed to prepare a typical Peruvian dish Carapulcra.

Presentations & Package:


-Dried potato frozen in vacuum packed x 5kg or as required


Origin and Characteristics:

Ullucus tuberosus Caldas, olluco belongs to the family of basellaceae. Nutraceutical is a plant whose cultivation began 5.500 years ago in the Andes, and was domesticated during the pre-Hispanic era, where the different cultures represented in its art.

One of the most common crops in South America, and Peru is in constant process of agricultural expansion, because of its demand for the pleasant flavor and versatility that has for food, as well as its resistance to many pests and little need for pesticides.

Nutritional Value:

The root vegetable is a good source of carbohydrates. The fresh ollucos possess 85% humidity, 14% starch and sugars, and 1 to 2% protein. They have a high content of Vitamin C. Containing rubber, but no fat and almost no fiber. There is considerable variation in nutrition, especially protein content.

Culinary Uses:

-The OLLUCO tubers are consumed in various ways: boiled, in stews as Olluquito with jerky, soups like plain potato soup, etc.

– The potato starch of olluco called lingli or llingli.

– The leaves can be eaten in salads and cooked in soups.

Presentations & Package:


-Olluco frozen in vacuum packed x 5kg or as required

Andean Trout

Origin and Characteristics:

The potato starch, original voice of the central Andes (Aymara Quechua: chunu “wrinkles”) is the result of dehydration of potatoes.

The manufacture of potato flour is the traditional way of preserving and storing potatoes for long periods, sometimes for years. This product is one of the central elements of Indian food and, in general, the cuisine of the Andes.


Selects the smaller specimens of potato varieties, such as Chaska, imilla black, white imilla, then spread on flat ground covered with straw, leaving the ice frozen for three nights approximately.

Once frozen, exposed to the sun and proceeds to step on them, a method which seeks 2 objectives: to eliminate the little water still preserve and ensure the removal of the shell, to improve freezing.
From this basic process are obtained two types:


The white potato flour is obtained by washing the potatoes and frozen according to the above process. The washing is done in several ways. Some transfer the potatoes to the river where ponds are being deposited in frozen potatoes.

In areas where there are no nearby rivers, extending the product on blankets or straw and constantly sprayed cold water to moisten. After three weeks, the shell is going to evolve. The final step is drying in the sun, you use 5 kg of potatoes for 1kg.


The black chuño is obtained directly from freezing. No product is subjected to water: completion of the freeze and the process of crushing, drying in the sun for 45 days.
This process is done between the months of June, July or August.

Culinary Uses:

-The potato starch is highly energetic with a content of protein, phosphorus, calcium and iron.

-It was long thought that the battle for their use should be undertaken by this factor, but it is shown that the most important areas that won the potato flour in culinary preparations was the moment that made the “potato starch flour”, allowing for texture Interestingly in the manufacture of biscuits.

Medicinal use of potato starch flour:

-It is interesting that this flour is also used medicinally in the application of poultices:
Potato starch flour is added a maceration of leaves or bark. Parts are mixed with water to obtain a uniform paste and put the fire in a bowl, stirring constantly.

-Then a cloth extending in a uniform layer of the mixture and covered with thin gauze.
Is applied on the body warm in the affected area is replaced when lost heat.

Presentations & Package:


-Andean Trout frozen in vacuum packed x 5kg or as required

Sweet Potato

Origin and Characteristics:

Rich in beta-carotene content and highly nutritional. The varieties that are produced in Peru in the Valleys of the Central and North Coast are the Imperial Inia and the Inia 100. They have an intense orange and purple color.


Contains Vitamin A, important for the immune system and for vision.

Vitamin C, antioxidant, Vitamin K acts on blood clotting and fiber that helps the proper function of the digestive system.

The yellow sweet potato provides a lot of energy to the body, thanks to its high fiber content it helps the proper functioning of the digestive system. It has beta carotenes and antioxidants that are allies for our skin, health and body.

Presentations & Package:


– Sliced sweet potato
– Sweet potato in pieces
– Sweet potato in cubes
– Sweet potato in strips


Origin and Characteristics:

Choclo comes from a Quechua word that is used to refer to the tender maize of one of the juiciest and sweetest varieties of the Peruvian corns.

This corn can consume in many forms as accompaniment of any food specially of the traditional Peruvian plate “the ceviche”. Zea mays is an annual grass native to the Americas introduced in Europe in the sixteenth century. He is currently the largest volume of cereal production in the world, surpassing wheat and rice.

In most American countries, corn is the historical basis of the regional power and one of the central aspects of Mesoamerican culture.

The corn comes from a Quechua word used to refer to corn one of the most juicy and sweet varieties of Peruvian corn.

Culinary Uses:

The Corn you can consume many and varied ways: boiled, as an accompaniment to any meal, it will spread sauce (made with hot pepper, chili, ketchup, mayonnaise, aleoli, etc.)

To accompany meat, to make pies, tamales, tamales, is the basis for many soups, meals and especially the traditional Peruvian dish ‘ceviche’.

Presentations & Package:


-Frozen Corn in vacuum packed x 5kg or as required


Origin and Characteristics:

Strawberries are an excellent fruit, both for their flavor and for the amount of benefits they provide to our body.

Strawberries are one of the most popular, versatile and popular fruits in the world. We can eat them alone, with cream, in a smoothie, in salads, with chocolate, etc; there are a thousand ways, and all of them are delicious.

Unlike other fruits with great acceptance and versatility, such as oranges, many people are unaware of their properties and the benefits they bring to our body.


-It is rich in antioxidants and minerals such as manganese, magnesium and potassium.

-It Has vitamin C, B2, B3 and folic acid

-It is very rich in fiber

-It is about 90% is water

-It is low in sugar

-They are especially low in calories, so they are highly recommended in diets whose objective is to control or lose weight. In addition, they also have anticancer properties according to a study by the University of Ohio, in which they showed that the intake of this fruit helped reduce the appearance of tumors by 50%. This is due to its great antioxidant capacity.

Presentations & Package:


-Strawberry in halves

-Sliced strawberry

-Diced strawberry

-Strawberry grade B

Blue berry

Origin and Characteristics:

Blueberries, are small dark blue berries with a sweetish taste with a touch of acid, belong to the family of berries and are one of the healthiest fruits on the planet. They are so because they have a high content of antioxidants which, among other benefits, fight premature aging by neutralizing free radicals, fight inflammation, are good for the heart, eyesight, memory and in weight loss diets.

Blueberries are low in calories, 100 grams of which provide us with 46 calories. Studies are constantly appearing that reveal their beneficial effects on health, even some researchers have described them as “the fruit of the 21st century”.


-Blueberries contain iron, phosphorous, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, and vitamin K. Each of these is a component of bone. Adequate intake of these minerals and vitamins contributes to building and maintaining bone structure and strength.

-Collagen is the support system of the skin. It relies on vitamin C as an essential nutrient, and works to help prevent skin damage caused by the sun, pollution, and smoke. Vitamin C may also improve collagen’s ability to smooth wrinkles and enhance overall skin texture.
One cup of blueberries provides 24 percent of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin C.

-Preventing cáncer, Vitamin C, vitamin A, and the various phytonutrients in blueberries function as powerful antioxidants that may help protect cells against damage from disease-linked free radicals.
Blueberries help to prevent constipation and maintain regularity for a healthful digestive tract because of their fiber content.

-As well as anthocyanins, vitamins, and minerals, blueberries contain a diverse range of phenolic compoundsTrusted Source such as quercetin, kaempferol, myricetin, and chlorogenic acid. These contribute to the antioxidant capacity of blueberries.

Presentations & Package:


– Fresh whole

– Whole frozen


Origin and Characteristics:

We have different varieties such as Kent (fresh), Edward (frozen), Haden and Tommy Atkins, mango is a wonderful food. Not only does it have a sweet and intense flavor and a fleshy and smooth texture, but it is very rich in vitamins A and C, minerals, fibers, phytochemicals and antioxidants, and it provides low amounts of fat and sodium.


Mango contains beta-carotene, which is used to prevent asthma symptoms and is possibly effective for certain types of cancers. Also, while its fiber and potassium reduce the risk of heart disease, its vitamin A helps with skin care. The nutrients it contains protect the health of the eyes and promote digestion.

Presentations & Package:


– Mango halves

– Mango in slices

– Mango in cubes

– Fresh mango

– Mango in pieces

– Mango Irregular Cuttings (Smoothies)

– Mango pulp

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