The mango harvest in Peru always raises great importance in the world market for fresh mango and frozen mango, due to the relevant contribution made with the Kent mango variety. (90% of mango exports from Peru are the Kent variety, the remaining 10% are the Haden Keitt and Tommy Atkins varieties)

The mango harvest in Peru is a window at the beginning of the year which allows it to be a very important link in the international mango trade and that determines the prices that will govern during the first half of the year until the mango harvest enters with force in Mexico.

Each year, more mangoes are being destined for frozen products since their durability can reach up to 2 years. An important factor in this freezing process is that the mango must be ripe, and then cut into cubes or slices. Mangoes are frozen between -18 ° and -20 °, whose temperature is the same as those transported in the containers. The process is known as IQF, Individual Quick Freeze.

Superfoods Peru greets the producers and all those who are in the mango export chain as an excellent season is forecast for 2021-2022.

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