Yellow pepper

Capsicum baccatum, yellow chili pepper also called escabeche pepper is specie of the Solanaceaes, endemic of Peru

for 8,500 years AC


, from the Guitarrero cave, Department of Ancash.Depending on the amount of this pepper is used in a dish of Peruvian cuisine, will depend on the itching and color grading, so that is a flavoring and coloring at the same time, essential in Peruvian cuisine.


Culinary Use:

The fruit is used as a condiment for its pungent flavor as a salad vegetable and as a basis for preparing the chili chicken, potatoes to Huancayo, ocopa sauce, cheese cauchi, and various pickled dishes.

Medicinal Use:

Dental analgesic, stings from bees, wasps, spiders and scorpions, treat stye, rheumatism, tonsillitis, external hemorrhoids, rebel hiccups, and influenza.


Yellow chili paste packaged in bottles of 8 Oz or as required.

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