Chuchuhuasi is a native plant of the Amazon rainforest. This species contains medicinal properties that concentrated in the bark. It

serves like antiinflammatory and analgesic used frequently in cases of arthritis.Maytenus Macrocarpa, is a plant native to the western region of the Amazon Rainforest This species contains medicinal properties that are concentrated in the crust, served as anti-inflammatory and analgesic often used in cases of arthritis. The decoctions of the bark are also beneficial in cases of influenza and hypertension.


The main medicinal uses attributed to this plant is its powerful tonic, invogarating and energetic. It has anti-rheumatic, anti-arthritic, anti-hemorrhoids, anti-tumor (leukemia) properties, also is used against cough, bronchitis, numbness in limbs, treatment of the fissure of the nipples, female infertility, postpartum tonic.


- Analgesics (pain-reliever), muscle relaxant, anti-inflammatory for arthritis, for rheumatism, back pain and acts as an aphrodisiac for loss of libido (male and female)
- Refresh and balance adrenal function
- Tones, balances and strengthens the female hormonal system and regulates menstrual disorders, loss of libido, pain and menstrual cramps
- Acts as a general tonic (strengthening the general functions of the body) and stimulates the immune system.
- It is considered an excellent insect repellent
- Used internally as bark decoction, tincture, syrup and externally crushed bark is used for rubbing the body

Export Presentation: Chuchuhuasi powder in Polyethylene bags x 10kg or as required

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