Huanarpo macho also called " Natural Viagra " is the fruit of a wild tree that grows in the peruvian amazon. It is used traditionall

y a sexual stimulant and invigorating.Jatropha macrantha. The male huanarpo also called "natural Viagra" is the fruit of a wild tree 10 to 12 meters and grows in the valley of the Maranon River (forest) and in the towns of Lampa and Sandia in Puno (southeast).


The ancient Peruvians, after drying in the shade, crushed fruit or did boil. Then they took it as a sexual stimulant and invigorating the long marches of the soldiers or the hard work in building construction.

Its active ingredients: steroids, saponins, tannins, flavonoids, alkaloids.


Aphrodisiac, antiasthmatic, antibronquial, antidiabetic, against cough, against ulcers of the skin, nerves, restorer of male sexual potency and mucous (genitourinary, gastrointestinal and renal mucous).

Export Presentation:

Huanarpo powder in Polyethylene bags x 10kg or as required

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