Purple corn

Purple corn is a variety that is grown exclusively in Peru and Bolivia. It has a dark purple color and intense color due to its cont

ent of anthocyanin, cyanidin 3 b glucose. It is used in drinks and desserts, the most traditional uses are “chicha morada "and" mazamorra morada ".Zea mays.Purple corn is a variety that is grown exclusively in Peru and Bolivia, has a deep purple color and intense due to its content of anthocyanin, cyanidin 3 b glucose, which is a natural dye used for hundreds of years to make beverages and desserts . Their colors range from reddish purple to dark purple.

Nutritional Value:

The latest reports show that this variety of corn so special feature of the pigment has called "anthocyanin" avoid the appearance of large intestine cancer, information provided by the Japanese daily Mainichi Shimbun, this pigment increases heart health, improves blood circulation and protects the heart, in addition to antioxidant properties.


It is used in beverages, canned vegetables, jams, sweets, bread, ice cream, gelatin, gum, sauces, etc.. The more traditional uses are "chicha" and "purple porridge."

Presentation: Purple corn flour in bags x 10kg or upon request.

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