Cocoa in Peru is the aromatic type, characterized by its high fat content, which gives a high commercial value in the intern

ational market.Theobroma cacao L. is the scientific namereceiving the cocoa or cocoa tree. Theobroma, in Greek, means "food of the gods." Cocoais a plant native to Americathat has been prevalent in the world as a raw material used for cultivation in various agro products (cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, cocoa mass and cocoa powder) and chocolate.


Cocoa Butter: Production of chocolate and confectionery, and can also be used in cosmetics (moisturizers and soaps) and the pharmaceutical industry.

Cocoa Pulp: Production of alcoholic and non alcoholic.
Cocoa Powder: Can be used as an ingredient in almost any food, chocolate beverages, desserts like ice cream and chocolate mousse, sauces, cakes and biscuits.
Cocoa Paste: Used to prepare chocolate.



Polypropylene bagsof 50 kg,

Jutebags of 50 kg., 100 Lbs. or 50 lbs, according to the requirement.

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