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The quinua is the Andean crop of major nutritional importance. Quinua has the major proportion and better proteins

respect of the rest of cereals. Also quinoa is rich in fatty acids and minerals.


The quinoa is a grain from Chenopodiun quinoa specie, which is distinguished for being covered with a bitter substance called SAPONINA. The quinoa has a high level of LYSINE, and aminoacid that is not so common in nature. It has all the essential aminoacids, especially ARGININE and HISTIDINE which are very important during childhood. The quinoa has in average 13% of proteins, making this Andean crop the most nutritionally important. The quinoa has the highest and best proteins of the rest of cereals and is rich in fatty acids and minerals (is source of vitamin E and vitamin B complex).


This Andean cereal was the traditional Inka’s food. It is cook rapidly and its flavor is light and slightly crusty. Usually the quinoa is consumed in breakfast, as snack, in soups among others.


-Double Kraft paper bags x 25 kg.

- Plastic Bags x 1lb

- Aluminum bag x 1Kg

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