The Graviola is native of the tropical jungle of Peru and Brazil. It is known for his anticarcinogenic action and for his antibacter

ial properties.Annona muricata is a fruitnative to the rainforest of Peru and Brazil. Graviola properties have been studied not only in the treatment of cancer but also in other diseases, as well as the benefits of the leaves, bark and seeds well as flowers and fruits have been shown to possess properties for the treatment of various health disorders.

According to the latestresearch on the alkaloids present in the bark, leaves and seeds of this tree, they possess a cytotoxic effect, which can be used to treat various cancers turn without attacking healthy cells.

Consequently,graviola alkaloids would be particularly useful against pancreatic cancer, lung and prostate, according to analysis performed in the United States, more specifically at Purdue University, Indiana.

The effectiveness ofgraviola would focus on its high content of acetogenina, a adriomicina like substance, used in chemotherapy. However, unlike the latter, the acetogenina would be able to focus their action only on cancer cells without affecting healthy tissues as in chemotherapy.

In addition to itsanticancer action, graviola may also have antibacterial and antiparasitic properties. It would also be useful for hypertension and to combat anxiety states, depression and nervousness.


The graviola is consumed as a tea filter, capsules, leaves in powder or extract form:

- Strengthenthe immune system
- Assist in cases of spasms
- To help combat asthma
- Help combathypertension
- Helping to combat disorders of blood sugar
- To help correct disorders of the liver


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