Camu camu

It is a native Amazon Peruvian fruit that grows wild in the alluvial soils that are flooded during the rainy season. It is found mai

nly along the Ucayali and Amazon rivers.The main characteristic of the fruit is its high content of ascorbic acid. Camu Camu contains more vitamin C than any known fruit on the planet. The vitamin C content between 1.800 and 2.780 mg. per 100 grams camu camu pulp. Compared to oranges, camu camu provides 30 times more vitamin C, 10 times more iron, 3 times more niacin, twice as much riboflavin, and fifty percent more phosphorus.


The camu camu is used in Industry Food in the preparation of juices, nectars, yogurt, jam and ice cream.In the pharmaceutical tablets and capsules are made of camu camu as the source of vitamin C.


  • Camu camu flour
  • Camu camu pulp
  • Packaged in polyethylene bags x10kg or upon request.

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