It is a native Peruvian fruit tree which pulp is agreeable and very nourishing, rich in vitamin C, vitamin B complex, proteins, calc

ium, phosphorus and low in calories.Lucumais a small round fruit about 10 cm. in diameter, dark green very nice aroma, their food is fresh bright yellow, mealy in texture and has a small  dark brown pit.

It is anative Peruvian fruit present in the myths and legends of Andean origin. It was part of the diet of ancient Peruvians, who was depicted in their pottery and textiles. Lucuma is an ancient crop, having found remains of 7,500 BC in the town of Chilca, south of Lima.

It is locatedin the valleys of Peruto the 3,000 m. Their weight ranges from 100 gr. and more than 1 kg. Its flesh is nice and very nutritious, rich in vitamin C, vitamin B complex, protein, calcium, phosphorus and low in calories.


-Helps to increase the level of hemoglobin in the blood.
-Rich in niacin or vitamin B3, stimulates the nervous system is functioning correctly and is recommended for depression.
- It is an extraordinary natural energy that gives us strength to develop our business as normal.


It can be consumedin its natural state or processed into flour lucuma, is widely used in confectionery for making ice cream and various desserts as lucuma caramel, souffles, Pyes, smoothies, to fill chocotejas and chocolates, etc..

Presentation: Polyethylene bagsx 10kg Lucuma Flour or as required.

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