SUPERFOODS SAC is a company dedicated to the production, commercialization and export of 100 % natural products from Peru. The products come from all three different regions of Peru: The coast, the mountains, and the jungle. The traditional products were once consumed by the ancient Incas and are well known for their nutritional value. The global demand for these products is growing with increase in awareness.

We are a team of qualified professionals who guarantee the quality and origin of our products. We maintain a strict quality control for all our product processes, as well as manage shipment logistics to ensure timely delivery.



To produce, market, and export 100% natural and native Peruvian food products. We wish to make the world aware of the high quality, health benefits, and exotic tastes of native Peruvian products. Through our business we aim to achieve sustainable growth of communities, and create employment and social development opportunities to help Peru prosper at a global level.



Being an agro export company, globally known for its commitment to innovation, quality and diversity of products, and customer service.

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Superfood is a term used to identify nutritional foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Our native products contain an immense variety of properties that contribute to health, wellness and longevity.
Superfoods are foods that are rich in nutrients and phytochemicals which have disease-fighting properties. The benefit of eating these foods is that you get superior nutrition along with strong health benefits. Including superfoods in your meal plan helps to give you energy, reduce cravings, maintain a healthy body weight and support your immune system. Many superfoods are things you may already be eating like quinoa, sacha inchi, chia, camu camu, maca, yacon root, raw chocolate, green tea.
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We are a socially responsible company and are committed to the growth and development of Peru and its native communities. We work directly with Andean and Amazonian farmers and conduct sustainable development projects while fully respecting their environment.

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